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albinotanuki 18th March 2012 22:33

Can't record video
I want to record a dvd on my livestream but the screen come up as grey and white checker boards on the recording. How do I fix this?

RonaldH 19th March 2012 07:58

albinotanuki, this seems like some kind of protection, could you report which dvd you are trying to stream, and which operating system you are using?

albinotanuki 19th March 2012 19:30

My friends said i need to put it on screen mode, but I have a Mac and my pro caster doesn't seem to have a screen mode option. Is there a way I can get one?

RonaldH 20th March 2012 07:45

When you have no camera selected, it will be in desktop capture mode, or when you click the desktop button when streaming.

albinotanuki 20th March 2012 16:42

It doesn't seem to work.

RonaldH 20th March 2012 17:13

Are you sure it's not a copyright protected dvd?
And what program are you trying to screengrab from, else try VLC Media Player.

spuddcroily 7th June 2012 06:54

i have the same problem
the dvd player is a checkerboard in the stream
its probably copyright protected
but is there anyway around this?

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