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vasko444 17th March 2012 11:15

Remove the auto-pilot turn-off
I've mentioned before that I use the auto-pilot feature to broadcast, but my channel doesn't have many viewers, so sometimes I get 0 viewers and this causes the auto-pilot to turn-off, which ruins my schedule. I can leave the channel minimized on my PC, so it can count me as a viewer, but that doesn't help a lot because sometimes my Internet can turn-off for a few seconds and then the auto-pilot can turn-off before the connection recovers.

So my idea is why not just remove this feature, so that the auto-pilot can run no matter if the channel isn't getting any viewers at the moment? Like I said before nobody will care if you remove it. So what do you think?

mbaron 19th March 2012 12:03


At this time the ability to leave the auto pilot running continuously is not possible. I will however add this as a feature request to our User Experience team.

Livestream Support

vapourtrailstv 8th April 2012 19:55

I'll second that, please - that, coupled with the ability to trim recorded streams would be very handy.

stiven8000 14th May 2012 18:27

problem auto pilot (0 viewers)
I also I have the same problem. When I turn off my computer sometimes the channel have 0 viewers and if I join the channel after 30 minutes, the autopilot ruins the schedule.

please help me, there is any way to always have at least one viewer watching the channel to not screw up the schedule?

makes no sense to have that feature automatic pilot if I ever I have to be on the computer watching the channel.

padmin 26th June 2012 12:18

Same here; it ruins schedule :(

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