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Oscarchannel 15th March 2012 18:10

Do recordings capture graphics? Plus audio problem
Hi, could you please tell me if graphics/ storyboards etc. are captured in the final recording of a 'live'? Also, I seem to be having an audio problem i.e. when I am recording 'Live' I here a screeching noise which gets increasingly louder...the CMU level appears over 80% - is there something that I need to turn off? Lastly! I have not been able to download from Youtube yet. When I do a message comes up saying 'failed'. I have tried numerous times and the result is always the same!

Many thanks for any help!

mbaron 16th March 2012 15:40


The graphics would not be apart of the downloaded file, as they are part of the storyboard and not burned into the actual video file. The noted audio behavior could be occurring as a result of having your channel also playing back on the same machine you are encoding on. What browser are you having the Youtube import problem in? We typically suggest users try this with the Firefox browser.

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