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Awktapus 4th March 2012 19:37

Procaster Issue
I keep getting a 'login failed' message when I attempt to login to Procaster. I've tried unistalling and reinstalling the latest version but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

What could be causing this problem?

mbaron 6th March 2012 11:29


Are you able to sign in to the Livestream account center using the same credentials? Please make certain you don't have a firewall restricting access and traffic through ports 80 and 1935 are open.

Livestream Support

TheModMan 16th September 2012 02:12

im having this problem too! Help me D:

ernielive 16th September 2012 15:55


Please provide the following:

Operating System
Procaster version number (open preferences, click "i" in top right-hand corner)

VIadimir 7th October 2012 16:26

I am also having this problem, even with the firewall disabled, it shows ERROR: login failed.

I am running Win 7, Procaster 20.3.0, and have only alphanumerical characters in my username and pw.

VIadimir 9th October 2012 11:34

I managed to log in twice at 1 pm CET (GMT +2) but consistently fail in later hours, for instance yesterday at 8 pm and today at 5 pm I got the login failed message.

Will keep testing on the hour to see when it bugs.

loreliaod 9th October 2012 20:18

Was JUST streaming like 15 minutes ago. Stopped, installed the newest version of Procaster and am also getting a Login Error. This seems to be a persisting issue for a lot of people. I have verified my username and password.

VIadimir 11th October 2012 15:15

As of today, I've managed to log in at times I couldn't before (after 5 pm CET). It just worked itself out.

loreliaod, I suggest you try logging in at various times and see if it works

ernielive 13th October 2012 15:46


Try un-installing Procaster and re-installing from this link.

Mikemaker44 22nd October 2012 01:53

Yet another Login Failed topic
Same problem as some other people had. Whenever I try to login into the Procaster it says "Error: Login Failed"
I can log into the website no problem and everything else checks out but this one really confuses me

I'm running version 2.3.10 and on a Windows 7 OS

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