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ltfchurch 26th February 2012 19:09

It Says :unable to download video
Hello, after recording a live broadcast and I go to "video on demand", in the storyboards it says that the video clip is currently being imported. It still has not imported and it has been about 7 hours later. Any suggestions of what has happened? It shows the video that was recorded was 44 minutes and gives the time, so it was recorded. TY

mbaron 26th February 2012 19:50


I reviewed your Studio and our servers, unfortunately your recording from earlier today failed to properly record and cannot be recovered. Moving forward we suggest streaming with Procaster which will allow you to save a local copy of your broadcast to serve as a backup.

Livestream Support

ltfchurch 26th February 2012 20:49

Matt, thank you for the quick reply. Can you tell me if the procaster will give a better picture? I am using right now a video device called Diamond VD500; Would I get a better video if I bought a video camera that had a built in wirefire than having a video device?
Thanks for the help

ernielive 28th February 2012 10:29


Procaster will allow you to stream at a higher bit rate, which will give you better video quality. Free channels are limited to encodes no higher than 500kbps, however Procaster allows you to go over that limit.

I can't really say if the Firewire connection will give you better quality than your capture device, however please note that the VC500 is not a certified device, and may not be recognized or function properly with Procaster. Most DV cameras connected via firewire will be immediately recognized by Procaster.

fabianojacob 9th April 2012 22:05

Same problem
Can you verify?
after recording a live broadcast and I go to "live show 09/04", in the storyboards it says that the video clip is currently being imported. And it says itīs unable to download video.
Can admin help me?

ernielive 10th April 2012 13:25


Unfortunately, the clip in question has failed to record to our servers and cannot be recovered. I suggest broadcasting with Procaster (, which will allow you to save a copy of your broadcast to your local machine that can be easily uploaded to your channel in the event of a recording failure.

karowl 12th April 2012 05:31
Maybe this video tutorial can show you an easy way, hope it help :)

globaluegv 25th September 2013 23:54

It says unable to download video
Hi. Today i recorded a video using Procaster, and when i tried to watched it later on through the admin, i couldnīt. I saved the video under one name, and it appeared under another (the date and hour when it was recorded) and i couldnīt play it, it said Ļunable to download videoĻ

What couldīve happened? I think the streaming was fine, because i checked it while it was on and everything was fine.

Should i wait till tomorrow? Can you help me?

Thank you.

Matthew_Holota 26th September 2013 09:19

Thank you for contacting Livestream.

As you used Procaster, by default it saves a copy of your stream to your local disk, so you may have a saved copy on your computer. To further investigate your issue, please create a ticket by writing in to, and include your username, and full details about your workflow and where we can find the clip that shows the "unable to download" message.

Thank you for your patience.

globaluegv 26th September 2013 12:14

Thank you!
Thank you, your support helped me a lot!

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