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jedrockers 28th January 2012 21:04

twitcam not saving
we did a twitcam earlier and clicked save to archive the video. for some reason it is coming up with "sorry, this clip is not available" when you click on it. This has also happened with another of our twitcams. Is there any way we can get them back?

ernielive 29th January 2012 14:43

Please provide the associated twitter account name so I can look into the issue.

jedrockers 29th January 2012 15:30

the twitter account is @jedrockers


ernielive 29th January 2012 16:20


Unfortunately your clip has failed to record to our servers and cannot be recovered. These failures do not happen often, but can occur from time to time. If you notice failures occurring frequently, this could be attributed to an unstable internet connection.

amagpie27 6th May 2012 10:47

I am also having the same issue, my account name is @amagpie27 and there a couple of videos I recorded yesterday which came up with the same message when I tried to play them again, I would be very grateful if you could look into the issue

ernielive 6th May 2012 17:27

I've taken a look at your clips, and only one of the clips recorded yesterday has failed to record to our servers. Unfortunately, this recording cannot be recovered. If you notice these failures occurring often, please be sure you are using a stable, dedicated, hard-wired network connection.

luciferj69 29th December 2012 04:36

I have the same problem , i cant access to the video with date 28/12/2012 my twitter username is @nikitakd

ernielive 31st December 2012 13:56


Unfortunately, your clip has failed to record. For most stability, please be sure you are using a stable, dedicated, hard-wired network connection with at least 700kbps of available upload bandwidth.

c2rules 2nd May 2013 10:56

Same problem here. I can't see any video recorded yesterday on my channel. Username is @letisincenizeta

Maybe it wasn't archived due to an error since my browser crashed when I turned off the show. Is there any kind of solution?

Thank you

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