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snerikeshub 23rd January 2012 12:26

Live Video Editing
Sorry I am new here but I was wondering if there any way at all to blur faces in a crowd live or scramble the bodies all together. If there are scripts or programs that I could edit a video through first but then post to livestream. If there is anyway at all that you could give an overview of a place through a live (or close enough) video feed but find a way to protect peoples privacy. Any help is really appreciated!

Alecia01 4th January 2014 04:55

I think video editing will be the solution of your problem. You can find a good free ware software for it on Google. Or you may consult with any professional video editor, I am sure he will help you better. Have a look to this

NinaBabbitt 21st July 2014 04:01

I wish I could help.
I hate video editor software.I have tested many video editing softwares ,but they don't work for me.

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