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venturasdachurch 13th January 2012 19:08

Another TriCaster Question
We just purchased and installed a TriCaster Pro, which works great.

But when trying to configuring the stream output, I find that I have a problem: this version of software (the only version available to us at this time) does not generate Flash, AAC, or H.264 - and my research indicates its using a Windows Media encoder.

Can I stream directly from this TriCaster or must I encode using another computer?

The stream option that seems to come closest to suggestions I've seen elsewhere is:

push:29.97fps 360x240 323kpbs

thanks for any input you can give.

ps: going to another computer is not an attractive alternative

ernielive 17th January 2012 15:14


Unfortunately, as our platform does not support Windows media, your only option would be to output directly to another machine running Procaster or a similar encoding software.

However, Tricaster Pro machines should support Flash. Please be sure you are using the Adobe Flash setting as opposed to Windows Media Push or Windows Media Pull. Also, you may want to check that you are using the latest Tricaster software from NewTek.

Please see more about broadcasting with a Tricaster in our user guide:

venturasdachurch 17th January 2012 17:19

Thanks, Ernie, for your reply. We are unable to upgrade to the latest software at this time as it requires that we purchase the software (Upgrade to the 2.x was an upgrade purchase). As we purchased this unit AS IS from a previous owner...

Again, thanks.

ernielive 17th January 2012 17:29


Please note, unless you have a capture card such as a Black Magic Intensity Pro, you should use a Grass Valley ADVC-110 to take the composite output of your Tricaster into the machine running the encoding software via Firewire. Let me know if you have any other questions.

bbbchannel12 26th July 2012 14:19

Tricaster Pro with Livestream Encoder
How would one go about using the Livestream Encoder with the older TriCaster Pro? There is Firewire out, but no HDMI out.

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