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cooper_inc1 4th April 2009 20:24

Is it possible to broadcast my computer screen?
Hey, I just wanted to know if it possible that instead of broadcasting from a webcam, I can broadcast my desktop or such live ? If I can, how do I do it?


vilapupu1 4th April 2009 22:01

yeah, it's posible. just use Manycam or another program like StudioPro.

cooper_inc1 5th April 2009 06:10

Those type of programs do not do what I am talking about. I want to record my computer screen and Manycam adds cgi effects to a webcam???...StudioPro is a program that apparently doesn't exist anymore.

cseeman 5th April 2009 13:50

Telestream Wirecast can do it.
Download Wirecast (trial watermarked until purchased) and then download the free Desktop Presenter add on.

You can point DTP to the entire desktop or just a specific window you have open. If you have webcam or DV cam hooked up you can even do Picture in Picture if you like.

You can also send from one computer to another. Let's say you set up your stream from one desktop, you can open DTP on another computer on your same local network and take that desktop as a source.

pblive 6th April 2009 23:59

CamTwist for Mac OSX can show your entire desktop, certain windows, pictures or just a specific part of your screen.

kamnet 9th April 2009 04:54

SuperWebcam will let you select your desktop as a video source.

HaoWard 25th April 2009 20:06

The new free PROCASTER powered by Mogulus can do just that.

catpakrocks 2nd May 2009 14:39


Originally Posted by HaoWard (Post 3371)
The new free PROCASTER powered by Mogulus can do just that.

I know!!!!!!!! get the procaster!!!! itz made just for tht!!!!!!!!!! itz really cool....

marketman 2nd May 2009 15:03

Any one else having audio lag problems with Procaster?

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