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darthacheros 24th November 2011 14:29

Change offline screen?
Simple, yet strange question. I'm not sure where I should put this so I'm putting it here, I feel this is the best place for it. I'd like to change my "offline" screen from the default to something different. Specifically, static. Is there a way i can do this?

ernielive 25th November 2011 14:14

You can create a 10 second movie clip of a static image and upload it to your library. Then place it in auto-pilot, and each time a user visits your channel when you are not broadcasting live, they will see the clip of your static image, which will loop. This can easily be done by using Procaster's screen capture function, and using the zoom function to crop around your image.

You can learn more about auto-pilot at the following URL:

rouxbevideo 28th June 2012 14:14

Could you please clarify if we can change the offline image to the method suggested without a paid account?

Thank you.

ernielive 28th June 2012 17:10


This method will work on free as well as a Premium channels.

TyrantProductions 9th July 2012 18:53


Originally Posted by ernielive (Post 33749)

This method will work on free as well as a Premium channels.

Does this count against your viewer hours? Or is there anyway to have a custom offline screen?

For example, during an event, if there is going to be a delay or something, we usually shut the feed off to save expenses from high viewer hours. We'd like to be able to give them an estimated time of return, or some kind of update rather than just going offline and they aren't sure what is going on.

We've experimented with the overlay titles in LiveStream Studio, but for some reason, viewers can only see this on our channel page and not on embedded players or mobile devices.

I was told by support a few months ago that unless the offline screen is showing, it could count against our viewer hours.

Has this changed in anyway?

ernielive 10th July 2012 11:41


Yes, that would count as viewer hours used; only the offline bars do not add to your viewer hours.

TyrantProductions 10th July 2012 13:55

Thank you for the reply, Ernie. Are there any plans in the future for adding some kind of place holder feature that does not count against viewer hours?

I guess we will continue to stick with the lower third option from LS Studio.

As mentioned before, this hasn't been very solid as it only displays if they are watching the live feed on the channel page. It does not work on an embedded player or mobile device.

ernielive 10th July 2012 14:25

You can use the test card function to place a full screen graphic of your choosing over the stream, regardless of live or offline status. You could put up your test card then stop the broadcast, and drop the test card when the broadcast resumes. This will prevent your viewers from seeing the offline bars, and can be seen in embedded players. The test card can be no larger than 100kb, cannot be viewed in mobile devices, and must be enabled/disabled through the Studio.

TyrantProductions 10th July 2012 16:08

Does this test card count against the viewer hours since offline is not showing?

FluffytheElite2 22nd March 2013 16:13

Where would i find the Control auto-pilot tab at?

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