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Machavelie 4th November 2011 08:41

can I have the bétâ of "procater" for linux ( ubuntu ) please ?
In the FAQ, I've read, you could request the beta version for linux, linux being on, I wanted to ask if I could have please? It must be said that my "Livestreams" are really poor! for cause? sound problem there, camera office misplaced here, I'm on ubuntu, millions of people have linux, it would be stupid not to think about them, knowing that many people who use linux "livestream" thank you for reading and hope to have it.

PS: I'm French, excuse me for my mistakes :) !

Machavelie 4th November 2011 08:59

Anyone ?
What I doing for to have this application for linux please ? ( ubuntu )

RonaldH 4th November 2011 09:18

Please wait a bit for a response, we currently don't have any released beta yet. You can read the status update here:

And on what FAQ are you looking to find the linux text?

Machavelie 4th November 2011 09:22

ok thanks !
Perhaps it's a bad translation google translate, in which case I apologize:), you think this version come out in how long? :)

RonaldH 4th November 2011 09:24

There is currently no set date, we want to have a good product to release to beta.

Machavelie 4th November 2011 09:27

Thank you very much for your answer, and keep your job, you are great! :)

Natheo 24th November 2013 18:42

So until now, is there a linux beta or even alpha of procaster ?

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