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Djwhitebooty 1st September 2011 18:27

Streaming live, but channel displays offline/black screen
I'm using Procaster, and when I go live it seems to be fine. My preview shows what I want, and I'm streaming in mobile quality, and audio is directly from my speakers.
I was streaming and my friends tried to view it, but they said it was black. My preview was fine, so I was kind of like WTF.
Then I went to my channel via google chrome, and got a black screen. I tried to go live again about two or three more times, but every time was black. Then I went live and viewed it on firefox and IE, and they were all black.
Is the site having issues? I wasn't able to stream well last night either. I clicked on save my recording, but it didn't save it and now all the time I had put it is lost. :/
A quick answer is appreciated.

Djwhitebooty 1st September 2011 18:50

Something new. The screen doesn't go black, my stream only goes live for a few seconds, but the procaster stays running. This is really frustrating!

Kmroberts16 1st September 2011 18:59

I would recommend trying to restart your channel page from the Livestream Account Center. You can do this under the "More" button which will give you a drop down menu and access to the restart button, and then attempting to go live again from Procaster. If you are still seeing problems going live I would recommend opening a support ticket so that we may troubleshoot with you more directly.

Livestream Producer Support

Genesisw 2nd September 2011 19:49

Live but not live
I have the 'go live when broadcasting' box checked just FYI.

Every time I try to stream procaster tells me that it's streaming, but the people on the viewing end of things tell me they see nothing or only saw the screen for a moment and then lost it again, meanwhile my status bar says I'm streaming perfectly. This goes for screencaps, webcam video, and games.

I'm using the latest version of procaster and have attempted to use the beta as well with the same problem happening.

Spazzberrie 2nd September 2011 21:07

Similiar problem
This sounds almost exactly like my problem. My procaster says I'm streaming fine, but people can only see a black screen.
Doesn't help you in the slightest, but I'm keeping an eye on this thread in case someone posts a solution. :/

TheShades 3rd September 2011 17:19

Same here
Glad it's not just me, then. Exact same thing is happening to me. It doesn't matter if I used the Procaster software, the Webcaster, or the Studio, the result is the same. I've tried restarting my PC, i've reset my Router, and i've re-installed Procaster,

Only twice was I able to get it working, but the first time it did, it disconnected and then it wouldn't work again. The second time went fine, but that was yesterday, and today it's not working again.

There's no obvious explanation for it that I can find, so hopefully someone can tell us what's wrong here.

Sugarcube101 3rd September 2011 22:30

Exact Same Thing
I just thought I'd report that I, too, have been experiencing this issue recently.

I got a stream to properly connect once this evening, but all other attempts have ended in failure.

MidnightMysteryMeow 3rd September 2011 22:58

I've been having the same problems. It's highly frustrating. I've tried what Kevin said to do. I've restarted the computer, reinstalled the Procaster... Nothing works.
So I did the final thing Kevin said... I've opened up a support ticket. :/ I've Googled all the different ways you could phrase the black screen problem, and it seems none of the ways have worked for me. I'm beginning to wonder if it's something to do with LiveStream itself... :( Which makes me a sad panda.

SugarRave 4th September 2011 18:58

It's odd, but a friend of mine was telling me she had this problem the other day. Now the same thing is happening to me ):

Procaster seems to be working on this end (and I can see footage from the preview) but my viewers claim to all see a black screen. I even tried capturing the livestream page itself, but all I could see on the video was a black screen, and an occasional flicker of 'offline'.

Also, since my first stream I've done various tests, but they don't show up under recent videos. They're listed in my studio though...

snowflake16yuki 5th September 2011 02:47

same thing here
My settings say I'm online but my viewers only see a black screen of the OFFLINE screen...

Help please!

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