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SendOutCards 9th August 2011 22:20

https support
given that many companies have switched to https for their entier domains LiveStream needs to figure hour how to embed streams onto those pages without opening up the privacy settings.

I want to lock the viewing of my stream to and make it so no other domain can have the stream on their page. Right now this is impossible.

I think this should be added ASAP as of right now I have to take some of my streams to other CDNs.

mbaron 10th August 2011 09:58


Thank you for your feedback. A secure embeddable player is currently on our development roadmap, however I can say when it could become available.

Livestream Producer Support

shownet 10th August 2012 02:55

https support

Has there been any progress on the HTTPS version of the embedded player?


stutan 2nd September 2013 16:54

https support?
Has there been any developments on making this https feature available?

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