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elmaqar 14th September 2008 00:30

How to delete my channel/restore a channel I accidently deleted
When deleting a Channel, the Channel name becomes totally unavailable for re-use.

Can Mogulus Administrators please run some cleanup process against the Database to make deleted channel names "available" when creating new channels?

In our case, we have deleted "elmaqarhymns" to get rid of some customizations. When we needed to recreate the Channel, Mogulus Studio thinks it is still in use!!


benhomer 15th September 2008 16:42

I have restored this channel so you can access it again. At the moment when you use this feature it will remove access to the channel but does not permanently delete in order to allow us to restore accidentally deleted channels. We will likely change this to permanently remove deleted channels in the future.

Mogulus Support

wolde 6th March 2009 01:58

How to delete my channel/restore a channel I accidently deleted

how i can delet a channel?


kamnet 6th March 2009 22:46


Originally Posted by wolde (Post 2640)

how i can delet a channel?


From the Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I delete a channel I no longer need?
You may delete a channel by logging in from the Mogulus homepage, clicking on "my profile" and then clicking on the "delete channel" link next to the channel you no longer need.

legacy 15th June 2009 04:41

i just open a new channel and for a given reason I measpel it the short name, then I correct it. Then I was opening a new chanel with the same information but now with the rigth spelling.
After that I made a llink from a web site to the new channel and it was connected succesfully, then I "delete" the channel that I wrote wrong and now, I have no any channel that I can have acces through "studio". It says that I have not any channel and that I can lounch one, I had try it and it says that I cannot use the name that I use before. At the same time I have acces to the last channel that I just open correctly
from my web site. Is this to complicate it? Let me know what I should do?

andreas_fast 22nd June 2009 18:38

How can I recover my channel?
Hi, I delete my channel, how can I recover?


benhomer 23rd June 2009 10:47

Please contact our support team directly with the channel name and if possible we will restore.

Livestream Support

kitvolpe 25th August 2009 00:54

I did the same thing. I deleted my channel in hopes of a simple way to start over, but now I can't re-create it. I see that the last post here was a year ago, but apparently the channel is still not permanently removed from the database. Can you restore my channel so I don't have to append the number 2 to make a new one? Thanks.

benhomer 25th August 2009 08:37

If you contact our support team directly with the channel name a member of our support team can look into whether it is possible to restore.

Livestream Support

Turkader 11th October 2009 22:58

Restore Deleted Channel
Please, i sent an email like on this thread

i used this method too

so it happened a day and nothing.

Please can u restore my channel and the VOD on it =o? Is there any way to do that?.

(don't confuse with the other channel created congresofilosofia1)

Please, i m a little desperate.

(Sorry for my english)

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