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mercyroad 13th July 2011 16:10

Canon XA10
Has anyone had problems using a Canon XA10 for live streaming?

jasonlive 13th July 2011 18:06


Originally Posted by mercyroad (Post 26011)
Has anyone had problems using a Canon XA10 for live streaming?

I haven't heard any complaints. However since it does not have a firewire out, you'll likely need a capture device to stream with this camera (USB will probably not work). Here's a list of Procaster's certified capture devices:

I'll leave this thread open - hopefully someone in the Livestream community has experience with this device.


taiwanbrown 15th December 2011 22:47

hey mercyroad,

How do you like the xa10? I am thinking about getting one... or the xf100 because it has 4:2:2 so I can do better keys...

stumarksez 3rd January 2013 19:00

XA10 Keying
The XA10 will do just fine keying as long as there is enough light on both subject and screen background. Extremely fast movements might cause issues. Limitations? Yes. Occasional green or blue screen will work fine for most apps. If you are going to make keying your main thing, don't use a low end camera.
The XA10 might be considered Pro, but there are better cameras for keying on a regular basis with more forgiving firmware and gear.

taiwanbrown 19th March 2013 18:58

I am STILL debating on the xa10 and xf100

I am waiting to see if the price will drop after NAB 2013!

I also found

They made great keys with the xa10

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