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Fishgetter 27th February 2009 07:13

Help using a handycam to broadcast
I would like to broadcast live events using Sony Handycam SR80 that I already own that has accessories like a remote mike. I need some help figuring out how to hook it to my pc/laptop. How do I know or find a firewire that will work? I ask Best Buy but their associates are just part time college kids with no answers. All help is appreciated as I'm a novice at this. Anyone using this setup? thanks

aefox 27th February 2009 08:50

Just buy a Firewire cable ...
Hi! ...

Well it's easy actually ...

Just buy a Firewire cable ... 6 pix to 4 pin mini like this one ...

Any brand .. as long as you need ...

Then just plug your camera to firewire connector and same on PC ...

Turn on the Camera and will be recognized as a new video/audio device (Microsoft DV firewire, most the times)

Then select that device on the Mogulus Studio or FME (Adobe Flash Live Encoder) ...

and there you go ... your camera live ... or you can play videos on the camera VCR too ... and stream that ...

good luck!


PD: i am not sure if that Handycam model has Firewire port.

iworshiptv 1st March 2009 09:07

I need help too with a Handycam DCR-SR40 on a Mac...
I have a MacBook, fairly new...about a year old. And I have a Sony Handycam DCR-SR40 much like the one stated above but a lesser one. I am trying to connect it to my laptop but it doesn't seem to recognize it. I am thinking because it have USB instead of Firewire. Is there such a thing as a mini-b USB to Firewire 1394 cable? Not sure it even exists but I can't get my Mac to read the video camera. Is there something else out there, like some kind of software that treats the video camera like a webcam or something? Or am I just going to have to get another video camera? Grrrrrrrr. If the SR80 works, I might be able to do that. Just have to sell the SR40 on eBay.

Also, I have a built-in iSight webcam on my MacBook and the video quality is not too bad (actually better than I thought) but the audio seems to be clipping. I am playing my keyboard and singing into a microphone set up with a small sound system and I have the Mogulus volume on 30% and you can still hear the distortion. Any advice on the audio portion? If I get another external computer microphone, will that help? I am thinking that my built in microphone is just not going to cut it. What is the best audio source to use with Mogulus?


rustylouise 20th March 2009 23:53

Sony SR 80
Hi there, the model you have will not live stream because it doesn't have "Pass through" bi-directional pass firewire capability. Even if you have the 4 pin firewire port on your camera it won't live stream unless it is one of the DCR HC ___ (except the DCR HC52) models or a higher end camera like the HDR FX7, HDR FX9, HDR FX1000 or HVR HD1000U. I called them and asked them which ones have bi-directional pass through firewire and these are the models that they gave me. Those are the Sony models. There are other Canon models. Good Luck.

Robbygenie 23rd July 2009 18:02

I have the same problem with my Sony DC 20
I bought Software called Easy Cap Capture USB 2.0 Video Adapter with audio and I still cannot broadcast live from my camera.
Can Somebody help me with this since I am not to good at those things?
I would like to be able to broadcast live from my SOny Handy Camera.

syedameed 3rd February 2013 06:33

Live Streaming in Sony HDR-PJ760
Hi. By researching from the maximum of my capabilities but couldn't officially find a way to Live Stream through my Sony HDR-PJ760. It has HDMI, AV and USB cables and according to my research, I couldn't find any official way to Live Stream from any of these. Well, however, I didn't try to Live Stream via HDMI nor AV for I wanted clear clarification that it would work because I might have to buy a cable from AV to USB for my MacBook Pro 2012. If any help is given to me, I will be very much appreciative. Thankyou.

ernielive 5th February 2013 10:54


You can stream via HDMI out as long as you use a capture device, of which we recommend the Blackmagic line which you can browse in our store. You should choose the proper capture device depending on your OS and computer's available inputs (USB3, Thunderbolt, USB2)

If you want to stream via composite, you would need a Grass Valley ADVC-110, and a computer with a Firewire port.

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