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Luzarius 24th June 2011 02:07

20.2 was a huge step in the right direction (compliments)
20.2 improves the video quality a lot. All my viewers have reported a much higher quality stream even though I'm still streaming the same output resolution.

Procaster is hands down the best software on the market for streaming.

There are some minor bugs still but I'm sure you will work those out.

My only complaint is that my viewers often report the "Sound" cutting out during certain scenes in the games I play. For some people in different parts of the they report lots of video and sound lag even though they don't get the same amount of lag from your competitors.

Procaster is what makes me stay with Livestream. Your advantage now is how awesome procaster is.

Keep up the good work! I hope you can just find a way to deliver a smooth stream to my viewers without the sound cutting out! thanks!

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