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pitbree 10th May 2011 04:38

Problem with API listplaylists.json
I try to use the API with my channel I have some public video register in my STUDIO but the JSON that I get after the JSONP call hasn't the 'directory' field.The other fields('title','description') are right.
How is it possible ?
Is it a bug or there is some configuration to do?
Many Thanks

foray 14th May 2011 03:20

i dont know if this applies to the listplaylists.json, but with the xml version the "directory" fields are all part of the namespace with a prefix "ls" so you have to make a script that looks for the '' uri.

also, all the info for the directories is stored in attributes "id=", "title=", "hasClips="

steffanikreuk 8th August 2014 03:31

Re: Problem with API listplaylists.json
Paste the JSON into to get a full idea of what data is present.

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