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BRADYTREAT 21st April 2011 09:26

Chat Banning
I appreciate the moderation tools for chat. It has been helpful to ban people from chat who are being inappropriate.

One small problem I've noticed is that when you ban someone, they do not know you have banned them. My production team tested this out. We banned a friend, and in the banned person's chat window, they don't notice a difference. They see the chat, and can keep chatting and they think they are still in the chat.

Now I like how everyone else can see they were banned and that the banned person's chat doesn't come up anymore. However, the banned person thinks he is still chatting.

So I banned a guy, but I don't think he ever knew it. I think he just kept on chatting because when his 5 minute ban was up, he was responding like nothing happened.

Anyways, just my recommendation that when they are banned, they receive a message or something similar.

Thanks : )

mbaron 21st April 2011 12:20


Thank you for the feedback. I will relay this to our user experience team.

Livestream Producer Support

daveainthere 25th April 2011 20:03

I kind of like the idea of a troller not knowing he is banned! although I do know that the ones I have banned .....knew it....cause I text them why!

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