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MrMoose 9th November 2008 19:19

Streaming from Wii?
I saw in someones channel they were playing Mario Kart on the Wii from their camera, but It didnt look like a camera pointing at the TV, it was like it was Directly from it.

Just wondering what program they used, I would like to be able to do the same :)

jonabe 10th November 2008 13:44

Well.. If you have a DV-input on your PC, you could use that as source. Then, if you have a DV in/out-camera, turn the camera in Play mode and plug in the RGB to a in/out-scart, you may be able to stream it.

A bad explanation, but this is how I do it with my Canon-camera.

CurtDogg 11th November 2008 02:13

It was probably me you saw streaming. Here's what I have:

I'd reccomend any of the cards you see here, it just depends on what available slots are on your computer, or if you'd rather have a USB one. Just make sure it has a composite(yellow cable)/S-Video input. I have my system hooked up to it, and I plug in the audio inputs(the red and white cords) into the Line-In port of my sound card, by using one of these:

You can find something like it for really cheap at Radio Shack.

Then on your Volume Properties, you set the Record tab to Line-In. Alternatively, if you have an external microphone(or a webcam with a built-in mic like myself), you can set the recording source to that, so you can provide commentary while you play.

You can use the camera features in Mogulus' studio, but I'd rather use the Flash Media Encoder, since it provides much better quality video. Once you have all the items you need, just follow the FAQ on how to set that up:

Now this part's completely optional, but I'd reccomend it. If you want to actually play the game on your TV, while at the same time having the video feed go to the capture card, get one of these:

Again, you can find one for cheap at Radio Shack. Plug the male end to your TV/switcher/whatever you have, plug the game console into one of the female ends, and run a composite(yellow) video cord with two male ends going from the other female port to the input on the video card. It will make the games much easier to play.

SvenGer 20th January 2009 15:06

Video Game streaming question.
So,I'm visiting this side all along,and I really enjoy it watchin streams from it,like video games,cartoons etc.

My point is now,I want to stream too,I want to stream video games from my ps3,wii,nes,gamecube,ps2,so I need your guys help,I think I need to buy a caputare device to be able to stream from this consoles,I thought about buying this the dazzle dvd recorder,saw it in a mall near my city with an good price.

Dazzle Dvd Recorder:

Well,now I want to know if this is enough what I need to stream?

Also I did read that I need windows media (flash) encoder?

Also if I will be fine with streaming,I will maybe go pro,thanks for your help guys and thanks to mogulus to make streaming possible.


CurtDogg 26th January 2009 19:30

I've heard nothing but bad things about Dazzle products. The best bet is to go with a Haupaugge card. They're inexpensive and fairly easy to use, once you've figured it out.

Flash Media Encoder would be a better option to stream games rather than selecting the device from the Mogulus studio itself, you get a better quality stream out of it.

DigitalHypnosis 22nd May 2009 20:45

Looking for equipment essential for Video Game Streaming.
I would like to ask if anyone could recommend a setup to stream console games on Livestream?

I haven't gotten much help on this subject elsewhere, and I've already wasted some money through reckless trial and error.

My budget is $300, and although Component hookups are a plus, they are strictly optional.

Many thanks.

FrEaK411 8th June 2009 21:36

Podcaster and PS3
(Was not sure where to put this topic)

How do people record/stream their ps3 game play live?

Paintball_Live 5th July 2009 16:50

If you're not worried about the image quality you can purchase a cheap USB capture card on eBay.
You connect that from your TV to your computer and it will pull whatever is on the TV screen. :)

No need for $300. Here's one for $20:

Jon93 2nd August 2009 20:29


Originally Posted by FrEaK411 (Post 4005)
(Was not sure where to put this topic)

How do people record/stream their ps3 game play live?

I love to say that it's possible to have a version of Procaster for game consoles to enable this sort of streaming, but alas the world isn't perfect.

The users streaming their game consoles are using video capturing devices and software, if you'd like to invest in one I'd suggest getting a Dazzle, it's a good product for the general consumer. Although if you're hardcore there are plenty of heavy duty capture cards out there.

professorrosado 12th November 2009 21:23

Theoretically, If you have the Eye Cam for PS3, you could try to set up a wireless connection to your ps3 eye cam and stream it to your PC or via the Internet and use procaster to screen capture your PC monitor.

It would be a miracle if the PS3 could log in to your livestream studio - then you can add it to your remote camera sources and presto!!!

Just a fantasy for now...

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