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foray 30th December 2010 03:42

getCurrentContentTitle returning channel name / bitrate
hello lovestream. in june i created a script using your guide ( to use some of the extra features not used in the current versions of the standard livestream player wrapper.

the main thing i wanted to do with this script was use getCurrentContentTitle to pull the name of the current broadcaster and display it for viewers. this worked perfectly until a few days ago i noticed some members of a broadcast team suddenly would cause the stream title to become the channel name followed by the bitrate of the stream.

in other words, it now displays "channelname 152kbps" instead of the usual "person's camera [procaster]"

the thing is these same members' livestream names used to show up fine until a few days ago.

was there a strange update to the way livestream titles streams? if so, i'd just like to let you know i prefer the "person's name [livestream]" naming method over the channel name bitrate type, since we can call the channel name with getChannelFullName already.


EDIT: forgot to mention, this only affects some people. most of the streamers still return the normal "person's camera [procaster]" type of stream title, which confuses me.

foray 31st December 2010 23:38

hello again! i've discovered that the cause of this "problem" is the newest version of procaster (20.0.151). broadcasting with flash media encoder or previous versions of procaster still sets the title to "person's name [procaster / livestream]"

sorry for the trouble. i will make a feature request in the brocaster forum. thank you for your help.

LeakingBlood 15th January 2011 15:03

I'm experiencing this problem right now. I get titles such as "guildwars2live 414Kbps [Recorded Fri Jan 14 08:12:53 EST 2011]" or just "guildwars2live 414Kbps" while live. Any help?

mbaron 17th January 2011 17:06


Originally Posted by LeakingBlood (Post 20116)
I'm experiencing this problem right now. I get titles such as "guildwars2live 414Kbps [Recorded Fri Jan 14 08:12:53 EST 2011]" or just "guildwars2live 414Kbps" while live. Any help?

This is a new feature in the latest release of Procaster to help distinguish between high and mobile streams.

Matt Baron
Livestream Producer Support

foray 17th January 2011 18:17

i like the bitrate selection idea, but would it be possible to include the username as well as the bitrate in the title? it makes it very hard to moderate a channel when you can't keep track of who is doing what.

Vaati 18th January 2011 13:41

I'd also like this feature returned, I can understand why you'd want to be able to more easily distinguish stream quality now but knowing who is streaming is just as important if not the most important piece of information developers would like to know and manipulate.

I'm also vouching for the return of camera names with getCurrentContentTitle since this new feature seems more like one step forward and two steps back as we're losing both the camera source and the camera user in exchange. Since this thread is in the developer api, perhaps can we get a compromise and have an RSS feed that governs getCurrentContentTitle or see the return of such information in newer versions of Procaster?

It's very vital information and the streamers on the channel I stream on have been forced to downgrade to an older version of Procaster because of this issue to stay compatible with our website.


LeakingBlood 18th January 2011 17:37

Perhaps a new function can be added to the player? Something like getStreamUsername() would be nice, where live mode would show the Streamer's username, otherwise it returns the clip's title.

foray 18th January 2011 19:33

I'd think the easiest solution would just be to title streams like this:

"User's camera [source] xxxkbps"

since the channel name can already be called. i won't pretend to understand what livestream's intentions are for the new titling method though, so this is just a suggestion.

excitablePants 9th May 2011 02:55

Reviving this thread. I would like the current streamer's name to be accessible from Javascript, if not via getCurrentContentTitle(), then through some other means.

NickdeClaw 12th June 2011 15:27

It's been a long time since the release of 20.0.151 and no indication of intent to return the streamer identification functionality. It's been a battle to keep my streamers using version 20.0.95 to retain this functionality, which is more important to our community than any benefits that 20.0.151 offers.

Please consider making this functionality available to developers once again.

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