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bandr 18th June 2009 10:41

how can i delete video on demand
hey guy's

i want to delete all video that show on demand in my channel ?

pleas tell me how

dragonite 29th June 2009 12:47

Yes guys anybody know about this? cause i have the same problem!!

dragonite 29th June 2009 12:55

ok my friend i found it!!!!
Ok you go to : My Account> Studio> Video On-Demand> and there that is publicvideo on-demand Library and you click on close them that you want to delete.

NyuPvP 13th September 2009 23:34

Deleting VoD's
How can I delete a video that was saved in my VoD library?

kamnet 13th September 2009 23:52

Go into Studio, click on "Manage Library", go into the storyboard that contains the video, click on the "X" in the top right corner of the video clip.

Ahsayuni 22nd October 2009 21:51

Is there a way to delete a recorded video?
'Cause I have it automatically uplaoding it to my channel, and I want to keep it that way, but sometimes I accidently click the record button 'cause I'm still really new at live stream. So is there a way to delete a mistake video? I've tried the FAQs and other places on this site but I can't find an answer.. hoping an experienced livestreamer can help me?

ibmbusinesscenter 26th October 2009 15:56

Just open livstream studio, find your recordings under your manage library tab (as storyboards) and delete the storyboards. The beta shows thumbnails of deleted videos (maybe cached...don't know).

Lapynou 26th October 2009 17:20

And if it his recorded with procaster ? I can't find anything in livestudio to delete the videos I see on the On Demand library.

WhisperedLitany 28th November 2009 15:03

Deleting videos from page.
i figured it out right after i posted this thread.


Guillestream 15th January 2010 16:50

How can I DELETE a recording?
I have a video recording in my channel that I don't want to stay there, so I wanna delete it, but the way that people tell me to delete it isn't ok! People and FAQ say: push on the 'x' in the corner of the video. There is not any 'x' in the video!! how can I delete it then?

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