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JaBowman117 21st August 2010 21:11

Streaming movies?
I've got a question to ask so i don't get taken away by the FBI if it turns out what I'm doing is illegal.

You see, a few weeks ago, I watched movies on another person's channel before, but it was shut down not long after. I decided to start streaming my own movies, but I don't know if it can bring bad consequences.

Does anyone know the answer?

I don't have much time before I need to take this movie back to the store, so i hope i can find one soon.

Thanks in advance.

patnaik2000 22nd August 2010 10:53

Streaming of movies is a violation of copyright laws. It is your responsibility to make sure the content you broadcast contains no copyright infringements.
Refer to the following URL for more information:


samchn07 4th September 2012 12:15

You have right said rambo it's best way for entertainment. Keep it.....

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