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Henry_live 19th August 2010 12:27

Procaster Game F.A.Q.
Based on the feedback we have received regarding Procaster over the past several weeks we have compiled the following list of common problems and solutions which we hope is helpful. We will continue to update this FAQ in the weeks ahead and many of these issues will also be addressed / resolved in the next Procaster release.

1. If a game does not broadcast, you need to make sure:
1. that the game uses directx 8, 9, 10 or open GL, and
2. the green Livestream icon appears on the game screen.

Otherwise, the message "Please switch to the game and hit (HOTKEY)" would appear when you press Go Live, since the game couldn't be hooked.

2. If you don't see the green icon, the best approach would be to:
1. Close the game and Procaster
2. Start Procaster and move to Game mode.
3. Make sure that in the Preferences screen, Game tab, the icon position is NOT set to None
4. Start the game and click on it to give it focus (we hook to the game when its window gets the focus)

a restart would usually fix the issue.

3. When broadcasting games, if you cannot see the camera, you need to:
a. make sure the camera button is checked on the main Procaster dialog
b. Hit Ctrl-2 or Ctrl-3 when broadcasting the game

4. Audio mixing
Here's a tutorial from the user mosepose for mixing system's sound and microphone (
1. Go to Recording Devices
2. Right-Click -> Activate "Show Disabled Devices" & "Show Disconnect Devices"
3. Right-Click on Stereo-Mix -> Enable
4. Now Click on Playback ( Top Left )
5. Right-Click on Speakers ( or anythink else ) -> Properties
6. Go to Levels and activate the volume where your microphone is going in to the computer, i use Rear Pink In, so i gonna activate it and put the volume to 100.
7. Now in Procaster you have to use as Audio Source Stereomix and everything should work.

5. Low FPS problems

a. If your FPS suffers, and the playback stutters, usually it would be because of low upload bandwidth or weak CPU.
b. to test your bandwidth, please use a speed test (i.e.
c. You could also try to play with our FPS throttling in procaster_global.xml: <fps_encoder_drop_treshold> and <fps_network_drop_treshold>100</fps_network_drop_treshold>
These value represent the number of frames the Procaster is allowed to accumulate before it starts to reduce the FPS. -1 causes it to ignore it all together. Please note, that this will cause a delay in the stream, in case of bandwidth problems.

6. Do update us! email us if you find any of this helpful at

7. Procaster Crashes at startup, how can I retrieve the logs?
You can retrieve the logs by navigating to the following location in Windows Explorer:

a. If you are using Windows XP:
- Click on Start → Run → "%HOMEPATH%\Local Settings\Application Data\" (with or without the quotes, this doesn't matter)
- Then right click on the Procaster folder → Send to → Compressed (zipped) folder
- Attach the compressed folder to this ticket.

b. For Windows Vista and Higher:
- Click on Start
- Type in the "search programs and files" the following: %localappdata%
- Right click the Procaster folder → Send to → Compressed (Zipped) folder
- Attach the compressed folder to this ticket.

8. Q: My game doesn't hook, and is one of the following:

League of Legends
America's Army: Special Forces
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Battlefield 1942
Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided
Combat Arms
Heroes of Newerth

What should I do? [/b]

A: Disable UAC on your machine. Or: run Procaster as administrator

Debberz 24th August 2011 10:57

Thank you very much for this FAQ. I have found it to be extremely helpful, since it has answered a couple questions that I had. I really love your product, and now that I have it working right, am having a lot of fun with it! On top of that I just recently installed some great wall speakers, so now everything is sounding terrific!

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