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LonghornsER 7th August 2010 06:32

Sound Recording Options !?
Gear readers,

I have a question, i can choice 3 things to record sound with but i can not shutdown my Micrephone even. No was my questions can you bring in the "record choice" of the "Output Device" and not only Speaker Audio and or Input devices...

If i set it to "Speaker Audio" the program sill records my Micrephone while the output device has mute all my "input lines" so.... I can solve this issue to set on the sterio mix in my record device, but then i can not use my mic totaly...

I need my mic to speak on ventrilo, or other "live chat" programs, but i dislike the idea when i braodcast, that ppl can here my private conversations ad my home without pushing a buttum (maybe an idea to, as an other member has write down in an other treath in this forum : )

Note : I like the inprovment thats made on the sound options btw :)


Debberz 24th August 2011 10:48

Your question is difficult to understand, but I think I understand what you are asking. You are pretty much asking how to turn off your mic right? Well, one easy way to do this, is to open the volume controls in window, and mute the microphone. There are other ways to go about this, but this way is very simple to explain. I hope this helps. I was wondering if anyone has ever installed in ceiling speakers? I am considering doing this, but would really appreciate input from others who have tried this. Thanks.

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