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mogulus 24th November 2008 13:11

Post Your Photos Here!
Post your Mogulus production photos here and we will pick the best one for our marketing content/brochure and of course credit you.

maxhaot 24th November 2008 13:23

How to post your photo
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Simply use the attachment feature at the bottom of the Reply form. See result below.

mcarrara 25th November 2008 09:58

only 19.5 kb?
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Allowing only a 19.5 kb picture seems a little restrictive. I had to squeeze mine down to 320x240 and use Medium quality JPG. But here it is:

8th grader Jeremy is streaming video live over the Internet of Grandparent's Day in a 2nd grade classroom.


mcarrara 25th November 2008 10:03

OK I'm confused
OK so I looked again a JPG image can be 97.7 kb but a JPEG only 19.5. Aren't they the same file format? And a PNG only 19.5 kb? So I will try a JPG file and see what happens.


mcarrara 25th November 2008 10:06

Here is a 74kb JPG
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Let's see what happens. Again this is:

8th grader Jeremy streaming video live over the Internet from Grandparent's Day in a 2nd grade classroom.


mogulus 25th November 2008 10:36

I increased the maximum filesize to 1.2MB for JPG and PNG files. Thanks for the photos!

Mogulus Support

mogulus 25th November 2008 10:41

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Thanks to Olivier from TV Amsterdam for sending this great photo.


On this photo I am located in the middle of the Paradiso venue in
Amsterdam at the Finale of DiscovermeLive,
a pop band contest that was held 6 times with Mogulus live coverage (see
the laptop in the middle) and with the possibility for the audience in
the hall, and the people at home, to VOTE by SMS for their favorite act.

At the isle were I am sitting we have:
2 broadcast camera's, a video switcher, a desktop computer to stream te
signal away and the laptop to control the broadcast at mogulus studio.
There is an audio connection with the Paradiso soundmixer at the back of
the room and above all there is a DSR1500 DVCam recorder unit to record
all before anything happens, to have it stored.

mogulus 26th November 2008 15:10

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Some photos courtesy of GroundReport

mogulus 26th November 2008 15:13

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From The Burlington Free Press:


Photo was taken at Vermont Democrat HQ on election night. On the right is me, producing a Mogulus stream. On the left is reporter Adam Silverman, relaying information in a Cover It Live chat.
-Mark Gould

mogulus 26th November 2008 15:16

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