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Fayna 15th November 2008 14:27

Chat profanity filter
Is there a way to turn this off? I couldn't find any information in the FAQ or user guide. :(

benhomer 18th November 2008 17:48

No way to disable or change the list of banned terms at this time, the ability to customize banned words in chat is on the roadmap for future release.

Mogulus Support

TrunkzJr 19th November 2008 01:18

I never really understood why "omg" was banned XD maybe a Christian channel complained?

Yudined 23rd November 2008 01:07

Russian letters
Please,say me. How can I use in chat russian alphabet?

aceybelivestreamin 12th September 2011 20:01

:/ I really want there to be an option to turn the filter off. Besides the fact that the word 'w-h-o-r-e' gets starred out, this is really ridiculous. Please allow my watchers their right to cuss like sailors. I have my channel set to PG-13, so please allow them to. If somebody's gonna be in there watching my shows, they should already expect that.

sycholic 12th September 2011 22:43

Well chat filters is one thing but I wish that these chat filters blocked any links in chat these chat spammers they keep flooding chat with irrelative useless and possibly harmful links is getting out of hand.


jasonlive 13th September 2011 10:04

aceyvelivestreamin & sycholic,

I have documented your feedback as feature requests.


HeyBoots 29th December 2011 23:35

Please add a way to turn the chat filter off. I'm 26, I think I can responsibly handle cursing without flipping out.

Sarge_Buckwheat 31st January 2012 18:11

Well, seems the only way to void chat filter is to make the entire audience moderators, as channel production members/moderators are the only ones unnafected by the filter.

PrincessAudry 15th September 2013 13:48

About this chat filter
It's a nuissance and the users have a right to get rid of it. Please take care of this immediately... thanks

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