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royalinsanity 6th May 2010 02:07

Livestream keeps telling me I'm offline!
So I recently downloaded "Livestream Procaster" for screen casting.. however, every time I attempt to make an art tutorial on Photoshop CS3 for my friends, my livestream always says I'm offline; even though I'm not. What can I do to fix this?

cseeman 7th May 2010 11:58

A number of people were having this issue. A few are reporting it's fixed. Try again today and post back.

athenafrostmane 26th August 2012 13:05

i am having this problem as well

ernielive 28th August 2012 15:10


I've taken a look at your library and it appears as if connection issues may be to blame. Could you please take a speedtest to New York, NY at and attach a screenshot of your results? Also, have you tried broadcasting at a lower quality such as Mobile or Normal?

SFC_Badman 9th September 2012 14:24

i'm having the same problem
I'm also having that problem, i tried to livestream myself playing Slender for a few friends and it just says OFFLINE for them, i even went to the page myself and it says OFFLINE for me but procaster says i'm live and i try streaming at mobile quality. I used to stream a lot of games myself in the past and they worked fine.

ernielive 10th September 2012 16:25


Please be sure you are using the latest beta version, Procaster 20.3.10. When this next occurs, you should also try restarting your channel by following these steps:

-Go to your Account Center
-Click the 'More' button at the far right of your channel
-From the options that roll out below your channel, click 'Restart'

SpiritedFang 24th November 2012 23:11

Hey there. I'm having this issue too. I used the released procaster version, then the beta version. Both claim that I'm offline: "Error Connection Failed". I then followed your steps to restart my channel. It didn't fix my problems connecting. I'm using livestream procaster with Admin permissions for recording my desktop (to broadcast a programming project's development). Here's my connection speed:

It used to work before I reinstalled Windows 7. It's completely up-to-date, so *confusion*. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

ernielive 27th November 2012 11:23


Are you behind a proxy or firewall? If the network is firewalled, be sure to allow access to ports 80 and 1935.

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