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fellcrow 1st May 2010 21:08

LiveStream Green Video Box
So when you Go Live you get a green box around your computer that shows where the limits of the video are. Is there a way to hide those or something. They get in the way of some things that I wanna do. Any help? Thanks in advance :)

cseeman 1st May 2010 21:28

I'm going to guess you're using Procaster and the green corners are because you're seeing the Zoom edges. They determine what' part of the screen is being streamed. Try using the Zoom Out button until they disappear out of view.

CarrieCaracal 13th October 2013 17:43

No green border
What does it mean when you don't have the green box at all? I keep pressing the zoom out option hoping that it will solve this but nothing works.

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