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venkat4dba 23rd December 2009 06:12

Block Ads
hi all,

How to Block Advertisements which are displayed on livestream channel

parnitha 23rd December 2009 09:23

You can't!
You can only disable ads if you become a premium livestream user!

Polantaris 1st May 2010 03:17

Advertisements in Livestream Channels
Before the frequency of advertisements on the system was manageable, but now I can't even watch my own stream and make sure it is not having any issues without an advertisement every 5 minutes. It's starting to get annoying. I understand that you guys need to make money and what not, but I can easily switch to and have NO advertisements, as well as a steady stream, and be able to broadcast over 500kb/s.

And what's with the advertisements jumping in when the stream is off? Sometimes I leave the webpage open, and it wakes me up in the middle of the night (Computer is in my bedroom) because an advertisement suddenly jumps up out of no where. Also, can we turn off the sound for them?

They are 100% aggravating, and there is nothing good about them. If you're going to have so many of them, at least make them 5-10 seconds, not 30 PLUS another 30 of "If you don't click this button we're going to give you a blank screen with the product we just advertised plastered on". If I'm streaming, I'm busy streaming whatever I'm doing and can't click off this thing because you guys can't pay your own services.

I'll be honest, if this system is the quality you get if you were to go Premium, I feel bad for anyone who does.

go4it4 3rd May 2010 15:03

I totally agree, the bombardment of adds is really really annoying. Stick with the bottom adds, those get the message accross, if anyone wants to click they will click, and they arn't super annoying. But the rate you guys have put adds at is not long-term profitable, whatever cash you squeeze out now you chase out new AND old users.

Aikatears 6th May 2010 18:35

ad breaks
its too much we just did a live interview broadcast and lots of viewers were saying that they miss important parts due to them...why were more added in after the first one?

used to just be one and could watch a stream nicely.

nogginfuel 6th May 2010 21:17

I totally agree with the above sentiment. I have had at least 8 different viewers complain. They have brought it to my attention in the span of my 45 minute to 1 hour and 15 minute live broadcasts they see full screen advertisements that last 30 seconds to 1 minute and they can not hear or see what I am explaining in the live feed. I think that if there are going to be full screen ads on the free channels they should be limited to when the auto pilot is on and the length of the ads should be capped at 15 seconds (similar to Hulu). It makes no sense for ads to totally interrupt when it is obvious that a "Live" feed is being broadcast. The whole point of your service is live streaming video, not streaming ads over live content. I have been producing my live weekly show with your service going on for the 3rd year. Please revert the ads that air during live feeds to the text ads that can be expanded if the viewer clicks on it to see more. Also my channel is about cooking, and it would be nice if the ads were at least somewhat related. Thanks, hope to hear a reply about how this issue is being addressed.

hazzardous 7th May 2010 04:59

Nearly everybody of my users (somteimes 600-800 viewers) is complaining about the new advertisement in the flash player. I can totally understand that there needs to be advertisement but popping out a "McDonalds" ad ever 10 Seconds for about 1/3 of the screen is hardcore oO. And then the button to click it away is black on black background :X Thats ultra heavy and i guess i already have someviewer not coming back anymore because of that ^^


Aikatears 7th May 2010 09:29

Agree my viewers were not liking those ads during a live game dev interview we had last night, they were missing key answers to questions they wanted to hear.

mtnewsroom 7th May 2010 16:21

Timing of ads?
We also are wondering about the ads. Someone told us to expect one at the beginning of each broadcast, but instead we saw three today during a 20-minute broadcast. How often do ads appear during a broadcast, and is there a way to change the frequency or minimize them so the content's not completely lost? Thanks.

Teambuilders 8th May 2010 16:53

You guys have a good thing going with the bottom ad and one ad at the start but the big ad that comes up every 10 mins is turning my clients off please stop doing it.

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