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phmacfly 27th April 2010 11:55

Auto Broadcast at startup

Procaster is a fanstastic software, but I would like to know if there is a way to automaticaly broadcast at the start of the application without to click into the "Go" Button?

is there a way to script ( via applescript ) the software ?

thx in advance


cseeman 30th April 2010 15:28

I don't see any Procaster support in the Apple Script Library. Perhaps make that a feature request.

Procaster only has Automatically go live when broadcasting in Preferences but you have to initiate the broadcast as you've noted.

I'd imagine some people would consider a feature that started broadcasting as soon as the program started, to be high risk. Imagine mistakenly leaving it in that state and starting the program when not prepared or even accidentally.

enprisedirecte 6th May 2010 06:19

I've found a solution,
if you want to procaster starts automaticaly, create a apple script.
In the apple script, you have to send the start's shortcut to the System Events.

It works fine !

davidaron 6th May 2010 14:11

A good solution for remotely managing a stream, too. Just log into your computer, and go!

awakenkzoo 7th December 2013 15:22

Share your applescript?
Can anyone share their working applescript that they have developed for this auto broadcast on reboot type thing?

I'm not the best at applescript and keep running into errors.


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