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Larthan 7th April 2010 23:03

Linux Beta???
Where are you?

I use Linux, and would love to be able to stream through Livestream, as I don't have a webcam and therefore can't Ustream. I heard about this site and came here only to find that the ONLY MENTION of Linux is the FAQ's "join the beta" line... but...

where's the beta???

Njcki 17th June 2010 04:27

I'm interested too

davidaron 17th June 2010 16:06

You can broadcast from the Livestream studio in Linux. Just make sure you have the /flash plug in installed in your browser.

breanainn 1st August 2010 14:04

true you can but as its flash your cpu usage will be crazy (flash doesn't play nice on linux) so your system will run crazy hot

coryfrans 6th August 2010 17:07

Hello all,

Right now, a Linux version of Procaster is no on the current roadmap. If enough users show interest, we will look into making a version.

gslavik 15th August 2010 02:51

here's another linux user. :)

murdockstrinity 22nd August 2010 00:53

Another linux user here!

marquimbau 31st August 2010 08:02

Procaster for linux
I'd be so much interested in a linux version of Procaster.

Sn0rph 3rd September 2010 11:09

linux here
I too would like procaster for linux

assassina 9th September 2010 17:53

Another one!

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