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itjil 7th April 2010 12:34

canon gl2
Ive never done live streaming before. We have a canon gl2 and want to test things out here to see if we can live stream a lecture. Do I need any type of card or other equipment? Do I just plug firewire into laptop and mic into xlr adapter on the camera?

cseeman 6th May 2010 01:20

Sorry it took so long for anyone to answer.

Turn on camera and attach it to firewire port of you computer.
If you use Livestream Studio, when you login to the channel you created you should see a "camera." If not, click on "Activate my local camera" on the bottom left.

Make sure it says DV next to "video sources" or in the pulldown menu select the camera (may say firewire). It may already be selected. Also click on "More Settings..." and make sure DV or firewire is selected under "Mic source" as well.

homebuilders 21st May 2010 18:00

Canon Camera, video but no Audio
Have Canon and it says Cam DV next to "video sources" and on "More Settings..." I have set Cam DV as "Mic source" as well. I can record video but get no sound. Both laptop and camera are 4 pin firewire. Any Ideas?

cseeman 25th May 2010 22:49

Do you have headphones? Hook to camera and make sure the audio is there in the camera.
Also in Procaster next to Audio Source, after selecting the DV camera, click on settings and make sure volume is turned up if on XP. If on Windows 7 make sure Mute is not checked and level is up.

usmtest 27th May 2010 17:23

windows 7
I cant get windows 7 to even see the gl2 .....hmmmm looking for a driver. installed the cd on this laptop, but nothing.

cseeman 27th May 2010 22:38


Originally Posted by usmtest (Post 13158)
I cant get windows 7 to even see the gl2 .....hmmmm looking for a driver. installed the cd on this laptop, but nothing.

You don't get anything that indicates you've added new hardware?
If you open Windows Media Encoder you can't see the camera?
If you use Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder you can't see the camera?

Can you try the camera in another computer to make sure there's nothing wrong with the firewire port on the camera?

Also can you borrow another camera to try on your computer's firewire port to make sure the port itself is working?

GamersonGames 23rd January 2014 22:00

Canon GL2
I too have a Canon GL2, I'm looking to do livestreaming as well, I just signed up, I have a question, what you broadcast, is it recorded? And if so, is it possible to rip it so that I can post it on my YouTube-based channel? Could really use some help.

cseeman 23rd January 2014 22:11

You can set Livestream to record your stream and, once recorded, in Livestream's Studio you can download your video. This is assuming Original Livestream.

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