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I_am_cool 31st October 2008 19:01

I want to broadcast my PC screen
Hello, I've tried using software named "Webcammax", but all I got in return was a very laggy stream of my PC screen. I want to be able to stream my PC screen into mogulus with little to no lag for viewers. Please help!

UnknownAX 1st November 2008 06:08

I personally do this quite often, and it's very easy. There's some lightweight software called VHScrCap that will do this for you.

I'd also suggest streaming from Flash Media Encoder (look around for a tutorial... there's one somewhere on this site...) as it is MUCH faster than streaming from the studio is.

TrunkzJr 18th February 2009 01:07


Originally Posted by alexferri (Post 2225)
I am very excited to announce that ScreenCamera has doubled its video resolution from 320x240 to 640x480.

Another good news is that if you connect your webcam through ScreenCamera and your webcam supports 640x480 video resolution then you can have live video conversations at 640x480 even if your video conferencing software does not recognize the 640x480 resolution of your camera because ScreenCamera does and you will then use ScreenCamera on your video conferencing software and it will do the bridging for you.

So, check it out. I am sure you will like it:

Best Regards,
Alex Ferri
PCWinSoft Sstems Ltd

Works with Vista, but not Vista x64. No good for me if I can't Install it.

TrunkzJr7 15th March 2009 01:53


Originally Posted by alexferri (Post 2712)
I am very happy to announce that ScreenCamera now works with all Windows x64 editions including Vista-64.


Ahh thx I'll have to check it out now.

TrunkzJr7 16th March 2009 05:24

Purchased your Full Version, really enjoy it. Is it possible to get more then 30 FPS tho? I notice the Flash Media Encoder allows 60 but I think its being capped cause the screencamera only allows 30.

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