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MehfilClassicTV 25th October 2008 07:45

Adding more than one default language
Ok, following: My channel has English based programming, but is targetet also at Hindi, Urdu
and Punjabi speaking audiences in India, Pakistan, Nepal, the gulf countries and at South Asian diaspora abroad. So I added my channel under English and added the other languages as tags. At first it worked fine, when I did a search for instance "Punjabi" in all categories, my channel was listed, as well as under Hindi and Urdu. After the recent changes at Mogulus however I noticed that it is only listed under English and not searching any more in the tags. This is really unfortunate, because there are many multi language channels at mogulus, there needs to be support to either add more than one default language, or alternatively, the search should also go through the tags where each owner can add the additional languages used in his channel....

seconomia 13th June 2012 13:52

any suggestions?
┐Have you found a way to do this?

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