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magicalmelonball 25th January 2010 14:12

Constantly Disconnected
I've been using Procaster for the Mac since about the day it came out. I can say that things were going well until you updated to .0.18, and now the problem I had then has gotten worse since I updated to .0.20.

The problem? Constantly disconnected. If it was my cable connection, I would understand, however the real problem comes after the disconnection. Procaster will continue to try to connect countless times, but then it will freeze at the last moment of connecting, pop back up like I'm live, then suddenly disconnect once again. When this happens, I can not stream for a good 4 or 5 hours before it'll stop doing this, and this is after restarting my computer 2 or 3 times.

Please look into this bug. I'm using a Macbook laptop, with 4 gig RAM, and using the OS 10.6.2.

Thank you.

liorm6 25th January 2010 16:55


thanks for the message. I wondered
a. did you try to go back to previous versions? you could find them here: that would tell us it is really a version-specific problem and not a change in internet quality
b. would you like to receive our next version? its not fully tested but if you're willing to test it I could send you a link. email me at with a link to this thread

Lior, Livestream

magicalmelonball 26th January 2010 11:52

I have not yet tried to go back on previous versions, but I did send you an e-mail.

jessewoodrowshow 3rd March 2010 13:43

past versions
do not work either now.
PROCASTER for mac has worked since they started it but now I can't even get it to connect... really a bummer. I was a huge fan of livestream and now I am considering moving because they have some major tech problems and no one knows what to do...

liorm 4th March 2010 11:52

Hi Jesse

seems you might have a server issue which started -for some users-on the latest version, after we moved to a new URLs. you might want to revert to previous working version, which 1. you can download from here:
2. remember to remove procaster before installing this one
3. just say 'no' when the message box asks you if you want to upgrade


RacerBrony 16th November 2013 23:45

I'm always getting disconnected from livestream and im just viewing another person's livestream. why is this happening?

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