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demonhiei7 11th December 2009 11:33

Nicknames do not go away
This started about a week ago.

By some error, I cannot use my usual nickname because its already on the list. I tried banning myself so that I could get it off the list and use my name again. Alas you can't ban a mod, how can that be that I am logged in at twice at the same computer? Funny thing is I can log out completely and the name doesn't go away. I see it in the channel page. Its happened to not only me but most of my producers on here.

Find a way to remove the user, also please allow mods to remove user names from the viewer-list through studio, that way in case this repeats. We don't have to come in here blabbing out problems.

My name as you can see is in there twice, one as Jichael Mordan the other as JM, now I have to log in as Jichael M (and that almost got stuck on the list, too.)

Nemesissy 11th December 2009 12:02

Same problem here
Username's taken and i can't kick/ban a producer.
Please help us, we are in dire need of using our nicknames. :(

SheepyIchigo 12th September 2012 19:31

this still hasn't been fixed
its making my many viewers mad. does ANYONE know of how to fix this issue?

ernielive 16th September 2012 13:37

Please try restarting your channel to resolve this issue:

-Go to your Account Center
-Click the 'More' button at the far right of your channel
-From the options that roll out below your channel, click 'Restart'

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