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FoolishSamurai 15th November 2009 04:53

Using Soundflower, still no sound.
Hi. I've been trying out the Mac version of procaster, but despite all of my attempts, even while using Soundflower, no sound is heard from the other end of the stream.

I've changed my system settings, and I've set Procaster's audio for 2ch, just as my System Settings are set to. Is there anything more I need to do than that, or is it just not working for me?

yourpubquiz 6th January 2010 08:06

no fool
i'm having the same issues as the Samurai. no configuration of audio options from Procaster for Mac successfully broadcasts sound - a known problem and yet no solution forthcoming. can anyone let us in on their secrets for smuggling sound out of their Mac?

no, soundflower does not work!

liorm6 7th January 2010 12:13

hi guys

are you using the latest Mac version? it should have a 'speaker's audio' option that does not need soundflower any more

maybe you are using auto-mix. in such event, it will send the mic when broadcasting on camera only mode, and a mix of speakers audio + mic on all others

Let us know

Lior, Livestream

ChoasSeraph123 20th February 2010 01:40

hey um i had that mac version for the livestream down alod it stoped wroking for me so i had to foce close it and as i did it made my sound stop wroking nexting thing you know the only way now for me to have sound is if im broadcating and only then does it wrokiv removed it to see if that wloud wrok but still no sound what can i do to fix it?! plz help me im a new Mac user.

davidaron 20th February 2010 12:13

Reset the sound inputs and outputs to normal your system preference pane on your Mac. Start a program up that uses audio (like iTunes) and it should work.

scottdickshow 22nd April 2011 16:03

I know this is going to sound weird, but when you are broadcasting you have to make sure that all of your apps that use sound are pointed to the same output or input. I had the same problem early on and discovered that skype preferences had a different setting then my boinxtv or cam twist. I use soundflowerbed to configure soundflower options and output sound so I don't get an echo, but I have to make sure that all of the settings are the same. I have had to keep a checklist to remind myself of the settings before I go live, during interviews or live on the Internet.
I use Audacity to edit audio and even those settings have to match. I was bouncing between Audacity and a desktop video file (I was capturing the audio from the video) and monitoring it by changing the system preferences between speakers and sound channel 2. These settings can make you crazy, but once you get the hang of it you should be able to capture audio, play it through your system to your livestream channel and monitor through your headphones without an echo. Remember though, I use BoinxTV, Cam Twist and Procaster. Soundflowerbed will help manage sound and it's free.

cseeman 8th May 2011 22:40

How to use SoundFlower with BoinxTV

EpochDream 10th March 2013 15:42

Possible Solution
You could possibly create a new audio setup. I was having issues with soundflower causing digital artifacts and this helped. Worth a shot if you're still having issues.
Setup soundflower as a midi simultaneously with your regular output. Therefore instead of routing through soundflower for your output (which seems to cause the artifact issue), it routes each as their own output. So far seems to be working on my recording meters without the overdrive static. Here is the how-to on this.

Also, if you are looking for more control I found software from Prosoft that allows for audio adjustment using hear or individual app volume control through hear or soundbunny.

Hope this helps everyone!

~Epoch Dream Productions

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