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Randymetro 11th November 2009 21:10

Chat Room
During live broadcast it is very hard to read the chat room with studio lights and the size of type. Is there any way the chat room could be pulled up to a separate screen and also be able to make the script or type larger. This way a a separate computer could be used to read from , placed below or in front of the camera. Like a tele prompter.

ANaNiMuSe 18th November 2009 22:46

I too am waiting for something like this. The solution you seek is a seperate embeddable chat room. Its supposed to be part of the beta chatroom features, but its release keeps getting pushed back. Hopefully some form of an embedable chatroom will be released soon. I'm almost tempted to start using a seperate php/java chatroom to avoid waiting anylonger.

Randymetro 22nd November 2009 09:39

I have found a quick fix to this. A friend who lives in another state is reading the chat room for me . He calls me on my cell phone before I go live. I have a ear piece from the phone and he reads me the chat so that I can look at the camera and still know whats being said or asked. It is slightly delayed but works well.

123abc1 22nd November 2009 14:22

I found a fix! kinda...

But I can't figure out how to set the background color to black.

Randymetro 24th November 2009 00:28

Thats the right idea but there should be a way to make the words larger or bigger so that its easier to read from a distance.

Randymetro 26th November 2009 13:49

The new format has the box for the chat to low. Can you put it to the right of the viewing screen so that you can watch and chat at the same time? Now to chat you have to scroll down to enter your message and can not watch the show.

Crocosansk 26th November 2009 15:36

You're never happy! Me I found the chat better than before.
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MojoMonkey 31st December 2009 01:18


Originally Posted by 123abc1 (Post 7457)
I found a fix! kinda...

But I can't figure out how to set the background color to black.

Why did you guys change the chat SWF?
The replacement is 10x worse, but its the only option available since you decided to replace both LivestreamChat.swf and LSChat.swf with the same Beta release.
Why do users have to log in to chat? /old still offers an anonymous chatroom!
Your solution to not being able to read the colored text on a white background was to disable colored text and make it so ONLY CERTAIN COLORS STILL WORK FOR THE USERNAME?

Doesn't anyone see these design changes and restrictions as a step backwards?
Simple solutions:
Reallow access to the LivestreamChat.swf that was replaced earlier this week.
Release the black chat from the playerv2.js embeddable player as a SWF!
Fire your DEV project leader for halfassing solutions and placing design limitations on what was an already extremely dynamic piece of software (playerv2.js and JSPlayer.swf)

Your company was offering something useful, customizable, fun, new, and easy to use.
You are now offering something ugly, restrictive to passive users, and it only comes in one color.

I used to tell everyone about how unique and amazing this site was, but now all I can do is complain about what its lost.

Metapy 1st September 2012 13:21

I dont know wut ya have done but I cant use many programs in goggle or firefox, wut a big f u, so back to I E till ya F It up too.

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