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benhomer 27th August 2009 16:16

Free Plan Storage Limits
All Livestream Free Plans include 10 GB of free storage per month (over 3,000 minutes of video) per our Terms of Use. We have not been actively limiting storage beyond 10 GB as a gesture of good faith to all of our early customers and beta users.

Beginning 1 September 2009, the 10 GB storage limit on all Free Plans will be enforced. Note that the storage limit is per account, not per channel, so storage is cumulative across all of your Free channels.

You can monitor your storage usage and expected bill at any time by viewing your online statement.

If you are over the 10 GB storage limit, you can either:
1. Delete video files in your library to get under the 10 GB storage limit by September 1st. Or
2. enter a credit card to pay for additional storage.

If you have any questions, please visit our User Guide or use the Feedback Form on the Livestream homepage.

benhomer 8th September 2009 16:13

No content has been removed from any channel to date. Content removal will begin on Sep 15th for user accounts which are over the storage limit and have not entered payment information.

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