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RickStern 22nd July 2009 15:33

Release: Procaster Version 1.0.65 beta
Release Candidate 1 version of Procaster (v 1.0.72) is now available. You can download at http://mogulus-system.s3.amazonaws.c...ter-1.0.72.exe.

New Features:

* Automated DV Cam selection: If a DV cam is plugged in, it's automatically selected
* User gets Quality change suggestions when FPS is lot lower than FPS targeted
* Last zoom settings are kept for next session
* In-game HUD including game chat
* User can set custom background for the 3d Mix mode (.png, .gif, .bmp, .jpeg)
* DV Cam automatically started if in cassette play mode
* Advise user if height is not optimized (a multiple of 16)
* Explanatory warning messages at game hooking
* Vidblaster support

Bug Fixes:

* Timecodes are sorted, solving transcoding issues
* Smooth recording and broadcasting
* Default settings changed for better quality
* "No Audio" bug is fixed
* Better Audio Sync
* Added 'What U Hear' as a sound channel for Speaker's Audio on XP
* Auto update bug fix (sometimes auto-update could not close procaster)
* Drawing problem fix (sometimes Procaster would disappear)
* 'Start minimized' bug
* Corrupted preview on 16 bit screens
* Main dialog not hidden when broadcasting games
* Fix for game Alt-tab issues
* Transparent drawing problem fix

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