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ibmbusinesscenter 4th April 2014 08:21

Original Livestream / MultiBitrate & LS Studio
We have noticed that the new Livestream Studio Ver 1.4.9x has an issue when streaming to the Original LS platform when multibitrate is selected (i.e.: high, med ,mobile, or med + mobile, etc).
The issue is we get choppy video or potentially 15-20fps. Framerate is effected and both the studio and PC show low CPU and perfect streaming.
Sending a straight stream of Normal, Med, HD, etc, works just fine. We have installed the app on several different computers and have tried to change the bitrate on the channel to h.264, Mobile, Basic, etc and nothing solves this issue.
On the player, when streaming, if we pick "Low" , granted the quality degrades, but the frame rate is a smooth 29.97 / 30fps.

Has anyone else seen this or know why the original studio would have this issue?
We are a large user of over 30+ channels and need to have this addressed ASAP.


bblinder 4th April 2014 15:30

Hi, there.

Thanks for reaching out. We so far haven't been able to replicate when streaming from Studio v1.4.91 in HD+High+Medium+Mobile to the Original Livestream platform.

Can you open a ticket at ?

If need be we'll pull the logs and see where the discrepancy is happening.

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