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Goemon5 23rd March 2014 15:42

Audio is silent/not working for webcast
I use the Livestream Webcaster, which appears to have no problem accepting my webcam and broadcasting its videostream. However, there is no sound. I tried all three audio sources that the program lets me use; and I tried various browsers to view the stream. I hear no audio in any configuration. And my mics work fine; I can see in the Windows audio manager that both my PC mics pick up sound; they just don't push it on to the Webcaster.

How can I possibly fix this?

Please don't tell me to use the ProCaster. I need to be able to embed the videostream in order to make use of it. ProCaster only lets me do that, if I pay enough money for it; which I won't unless I know that it actually works with my settings.

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