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badboymedia 14th February 2014 01:49

Follow Options
One major complaint that I have from customers is that the "Follow" process is inconvenient. They just want to be able to put in their email and possible general contact info and be subscribed to my channel.They don't want to be tied into a Livestream account which they do not intend to use for any other reason.

Several people have told me they thay have abandoned the sign up process since they have to exit to email then sign in again. They say it is too many steps. They want to be able to do it all on one page in one step and just get notifications of upcoming live events from there on out.

Perhaps the need to create an account helps with tracking traffic and analytics. However, there is a huge variation in customer base, and not all customers are able to go through the process of signing up and account. They just want to watch great live events.

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