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blefever 7th February 2014 16:16

Can't login to Procaster
So my friend made an ls account and it wouldn't let her log in. Kept saying "Error: login failed".

So I logged out of my account to try to get into hers. Wouldn't work. Well now it won't let me log back into my account.

I can log in to the website everywhere. Just not procaster. And it's been like this for a week.

I've redownloaded. I've downloaded the old procaster. I've restarted. Tried changing my password and I got nothing. Any takers?

crazyredfox 18th March 2014 23:14

I'm having the same problem iv had to cancel a few planned streams

bblinder 19th March 2014 13:50

This is usually a result of either the user not having admin privileges or a firewall blocking port 443.

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