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xxkirahoshi 1st February 2014 02:46

Disconneting Issues
This has happened two days now around the same time at night. I began to stream and in two minutes the stream would cut out for about 10-20 seconds then come back on and go for two minutes before d/c'ing again. The first day it did this was on Wednesday but on Thursday I could stream completely fine, and again tonight my stream keeps cutting in and out. I'm running a windows 8 computer with Time Warner as my internet provider. I've tried resetting my wifi box and have tested my speed a number of times, my connection to the internet is as it always is. I play videos with VLC and normally I can run my browser, and a game while I stream without it causing an issue but the two days I started to have issues I closed all of it but I still experienced problems. I tried reinstalling Procaster twice and made sure everything with my computer is up to date. Is there anything else I can do to try fixing this or do I need to see about another live streaming program?

xxkirahoshi 6th February 2014 17:31

I'm still having problems. I really prefer using LS but unless I get some help I'm going to end up just relying on uStream.

bblinder 7th February 2014 16:28

Can you describe your workflow? Camera, processor, specs, etc.

xxkirahoshi 9th February 2014 13:15

I have a speed test here and normally I do a screen stream. I broadcast using two separate screens most of the time. Normally I'm able to do something and stream with my internet at the same time but it's not letting me and even when I have everything closed, at one minute thirty seconds the stream cuts off.

Computer Specs:
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz
AMD Radeon HD 7570 Vid Card
Windows 8.0 64bit

Procaster Settings:
Output Resolution: 512 x 288
Target Frames: 30
Target Bitrate: 320
Keyframe Intervals: 50

xxkirahoshi 12th May 2014 20:39

Really LS?
Months later and I'm still not getting any answers. I moved to ustream waiting for my ticket to be addressed too but nothing. :/

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