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apenpaap 27th January 2014 18:25

No audio, Flash freezes (all browsers)
I've been having a very annoying issue since August. Whenever I open a stream, the first strange thing is that there is no audio and the video is frozen. After about 10-30 seconds, the entire page (including the chat) freezes. After a while, an alert tells me flash player has stopped working and asks whether I want to stop it. If I tell it to continue, after a while the page unfreezes. The stream, however, doesn't. And after another 30 seconds or so, the freeze happens again.

If I pause the stream, this freeze doesn't occur and the chat just works without trouble. On Google Chrome, the same issue happens (I'm usually on Firefox). is the only site where I have this problem; all other websites are completely okay, including other streaming sites. I can broadcast without trouble.

Things I've already tried: refreshing, closing flash player and restarting it, using different browsers, disabling hardware acceleration, updating flash player, deinstalling and reinstalling flash, updating my browser, restarting my computer, and probably more stuff I've forgotten.

bblinder 28th January 2014 11:25

Hi Apenpaap,

Try temporarily disabling your firewall and any anti-virus programs. Some have been known to deliberately block flash content.

apenpaap 31st January 2014 15:55

No, I'm afraid that does nothing to help the issue.

apenpaap 10th February 2014 14:47

Sorry to bump this, but I updated Flash player today and there is still no progress. Livestream still freezes.

skbak 14th February 2014 22:29

This has been a known issue for months and they've done nothing to fix the problem.

Sylvan012 15th February 2014 23:22


Originally Posted by skbak (Post 40441)
This has been a known issue for months and they've done nothing to fix the problem.

What's their problem? I just tried on both Chrome and Firefox and it still won't work.

Oh, sure, their damn ads come through just fine but the audio stream doesn't. Neither does any video. In the chat area, everyone else seems to hear things just fine.

This is getting a bit annoying.

occupybrussel 2nd September 2014 12:55

sounds to me that it's more something on the client side (meaning you and me) combined with Chrome now having it's own Flash distribution and Flash being more and more discontinued, wondering why Livestream does not upgrade the "old livestream channels" to be able to use HTML5 instead of having to struggle between browsers and Flash installations to be able to see livestream channels..

anyway, it worrying to not have any problem to open with Internet Explorer but finding problem opening it with Firefox, Chromium or Chrome...

the issue here is Flash and how these browsers workaround using the default Flash plugin or the browser-based distribution that one can get built in Chrome/Chromium

If you're under Linux there is a few articles out there explaining how to switch from system flash install and browser flash built in

in the meantime...i don't know what to do on windows installs. it seems flash is updated to latest version but each browser seem to lead on it's own way on "how to load flash"

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