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missouridnr 15th January 2014 16:13

Procaster crash when switching from screen to camera
Every now and then, Procaster will crash when switching from screen to camera. We are using a Logitech 910 webcam, which is an approved device by Livestream. Our computer also matches the specifications required. Does anyone have a solution for this problem as it is a problem for our producers always wondering if we will crash and lose the broadcast just by this simple switchover.

bblinder 16th January 2014 14:15

Hi, there.

We've seen this before; it's generally related to your GPU. In the Procaster preferences, go to the desktop tab and change the "Effect Render Method" to "Simple."

Let me know if this helps!

welslive 19th February 2014 22:05

Set render to Simple and still crashing
We have set the render setting to "simple" and that has not solved the problem. The stream stalls almost every time we switch from screen view to camera view. Any other suggestions. This is a pretty beefy i7 machine we are using. The CPU never gets above 25%. Help. The software is almost unusable. We are on the legacy Livestream, but I don't think the procaster software is any different.

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