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Mojam 6th January 2014 15:04

Integrating a web page into my video
I am trying to take a portion of my web page and have it displayed in the video in real time. Basically I would like to have my own scoreboard displayed on a separate web page that would automatically refresh every ~10 seconds. I understand that the production software offered already has their own scoreboard built in but it does not meet the needs required for this project, so I wrote my own. I'm having trouble finding any resources that would help me in taking a portion of the page and displaying it in the video though. If i left out any necessary details, or if I posted in the wrong section please let me know as I am relatively new to this. Thanks

sebajedrzejczak 11th February 2015 08:19

I do not understand exactly what you mean. Do you want to put a piece of your website on the live broadcast?

Secula 10th March 2015 20:36

But you already have your scoreboard online for anyone to watch? What would be a purpose for this separate video channel of the exact same scoreboard?

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