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zonarural 16th December 2013 15:42

Problems with mobile
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Hello guys, I have a Old Livestream Premium Account, and i was testing the mobile functions, but for my surprise i only can stream to mobile live. I can't see my videos in autopilot, or even if i cut then in livestream studio web. I already ajust my channel to basic h264, and import my videos after that. I inclusive made a new stream just to record the video in livestream and try to play it, but dont have any result.

bblinder 20th December 2013 10:07

Hi Zonarural,

The Original Livestream platform (and studio) is flash-based, which means that much of the content viewed there will not be mobile-compatible.

Using Procaster (which has "mobile" as an available quality) will make your LIVE broadcast viewable on mobile devices. Within your channel settings, if you set your channel quality to "H.264 Beta", that will make any videos streamed henceforth or uploaded to your VOD archive mobile-compatible as well, *provided it isn't broadcast through the auto-pilot*.

Anything viewed via the auto-pilot will not be visible on mobile devices. Remember how studio is flash-based? Even if a VOD is "mobile-compatible", when broadcast through the auto-pilot, it's wrapped in Flash... and as a result won't be viewable on mobile.

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